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The Rory Gallagher tributes Holland foundation

We are Theo & Anja van Baar, Paul & Linda Handgraaf, Richard & Lia de Ruiter and last but not least Jan van Bodegraven, true Rory fans from the early days.

The Rory Gallagher tribute foundation is up and running. The objective of the foundation is to keep the music and spirit of Rory alive by organizing tributes.

We hope that these tribute events become a meeting place for the existing fans as well as that new fans are attracted to join, people who may have never seen Rory live and only heard about him recently. That’s how we want to keep the spirit alive.

Our main event is the annual International Rory Gallagher tribute concert Holland, always the first weekend in March.
In addition we plan for a tribute in November and occasionally we organize special events.

Our foundation, like any other foundation, is a non-profit organization. Our income is the entry fee for the tributes and sponsorships and all income is used to hold the tributes. It is that simple and straight forward.

It goes without saying that without the help of many volunteers, these tributes would not be possible.

We do hope that you will continue to support us and if you have any suggestion
or question please contact us at info@rorygallagher.nl

Hope to see you all!